Welcome! You’re in…


I’m excited to speak with you about how you can enjoy a life with more balance and harmony, feel less stress, find clarity and direction so you can live the life you truly love.

Here are a few things to go over so you’ll get the most out of our time together:

1. I’ve allocated 45 minutes of my time to speak with you.

I value our time VERY SERIOUSLY and when we’re together mapping out your future – You will have my full 100% undivided attention.

Also, please ensure:

2. The second thing that will really help us get things started for you is if you:

Prepare for me the top 3 reasons that brought you to this consultation. What specific areas of your life need attention?

3. The third thing to have in mind is:

Your number one biggest challenge when it comes to living a meaningful healthy life. What’s holding you back the most?

I’m 100% confident that as I get to know you and give you a strategic implementation plan on what you can do to move from where you are to where you want to be, whether I work with you or not, I’ll give you solid feedback and action steps that need to happen NOW in order to not only SURVIVE these challenging times, but to THRIVE as a result of them.

I’m excited to talk with you!

Ginny Mackles helps those who struggle with feeling stressed and anxious, stuck or confused, to find clarity and direction so they can live a more meaningful healthy life. She has supported over 8,000 clients throughout the past 30 years and taught holistic practices to more than 5,000 students internationally. Ginny is a Holistic Life Coach and licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Master’s in Social Work. Link to Full Bio – Learn More | Download Discover Your Best Self Program

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